ImageReady: Dead

Posted on: December 28th, 2006 by alemieux

I posted a question on the new Photoshop CS3 Beta forum about the status of ImageReady, Photoshop’s long-time web companion. I was told by Jeff Schewe that ImageReady is dead!?! I couldn’t believe it, as others couldn’t either.

I noticed that the Jump To menu in Photoshop CS3 didn’t have anything to jump to and the bottom of the toolbox did not contain a Jump to button. I was surprised but not so surprised seeing that Fireworks is a really capable, lightweight web imaging program that can do almost everything that ImageReady can do.

This is also a testament to the direction Photoshop is heading, which in my humble opinion, is for Photographers and digital imaging in general. What I’m going to miss most is the ability to quickly cut up a navigation system and then output rollOvers. There are some ImageReady features built into Photoshop CS2 and CS3, but this isn’t one of them.

For those of you who are going to be forced to migrate to Fireworks, take a look at this tutorial, which gave me a little hint of what was to come.

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